Uvoice GS Voice Server

  • Supports up to 200 users per server
  • Single Server Simplicity

The Uvoice GS Cloud Server  integrates multiple communication applications on one optimized server platform. Standard applications include call processing, voicemail, and centralized system administration. Optional applications include unified messaging, video to video calling  and advanced video conferencing systems.

  • GS 48 – Large Screen, full color, 48 programmable LCD key, full duplex handsfree, bluetooth
  • GS 24- Full Color, 24 programmable buttons, full duplex speakerphone, bluetooth
  • GS 8- Full Color, 8 programable buttons, full duplex speakerphone, bluetooth

Each GS-Series Telephone Model Offers:

  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch providing the fastest network access that is available
  • Large, color display for superior readability in variable light environments
  • Sleek low-profile design and unique tilt-base for versatile phone placement
  • Off Hook Call Announce through speaker or handset
  • Full duplex speakers for superior sound
  • Onscreen prompts that help you complete common tasks
  • Programmable one-touch buttons for fast access to calling functions
  • Integrated Headset Interface

Mobility can offer more than just savings

Call Manager Mobile—Allows a supported Android smartphone to act as an extension of your office desk phone and offers the following features:

  • Outbound calling through the Uvoice GS Voice Server allows you to make business calls from your smarphone using your business caller ID, while keeping your cell phone number private
  • Presence which shows when a user is on the phone or on vacation
  • Find-Me Follow-Me which allows you to receive calls, made to your desk phone, on your Android phone
  • Instant messaging with other Call Manager and Call Manager mobile users including broadcast and group chat features

Call Recording Solution

Call recording and logging systems record, store, organize, and play back telephone calls, avoiding communication disputes. Recording applications also help improve the quality of your business operations, from training and quality control to customer service.

  • Cradle to Grave Recording captures every moment of the call, even while the caller is on hold.
  • Look-Back Recording records an entire conversation, even if the recording was initiated after the call began.
  • Call Monitoring allows authorized users to monitor calls as they’re happening, whether those calls are being recorded or not.
  • Selective Recording records specific or random extensions, groups of extensions, or every extension.
  • Bookmarks are automatically inserted when calls are transferred or put on hold. Particular calls or parts of calls can be easily and quickly found
  • After-Call Actions can be taken after a call, including sending an e-mail or instant text message, or launching another program.