How can you SIP phone lines with Uvoice™ reduce our telecom costs?

Our main focus is to review your current telecom phone bill and propose the correct solution for your business.  We customize a pricing plan that suits your business needs. Most of our pricing plans do not require a contract, which gives us the flexibility to offer you the most competitive pricing plans available.

Using SIP based phone lines, we can reduce your bill from typical POTS lines and T1 service over 70%.  We can also eliminate expensive fax lines with our WebFax service.  Each fax line is only $3.99 per month and your can keep your current fax number.  Your inbound fax can be emailed to you, or multiple people, or manage all your faxes in the WebFax portal.

How is SIP less expensive than my current land lines such as AT&T?  Analog POTS lines have been around since the late 19th century, and maintaining that old technology is expensive.  Our SIP service is located in our data center with your Uvoice™ server, so the quality of your high definition Uvoice™ handset is crystal clear.

Use our savings calculator to see how much SIP can save your business:

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