FAQ about our Uvoice™ cloud phone service

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    What's the difference between Uvoice™ cloud system vs. Hosted phone system

    The major differences between these two options are as follows:

    • Uvoice™ cloud uses a dedicated server, which you own.  A hosted phone system uses a “shared” system where many customers share same server.
    • Hosted system costs are ongoing.  You never own the system, only the handsets.  With Uvoice™ you own the server, which we maintain in our data center.
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    Does Uvoice™ provide local onsite support?

    Yes, we locally support and install your Uvoice™ cloud phone system.  Unlike most hosted systems, you have to install your own phones, program you router and network switches.  With Uvoice™ we handle that for you.
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    We have only (1) network cable for our computers, do you need to install new cabling for our new Uvoice™ phones?

    No…  Your new Uvoice™ phone has a built in network switch which allows you connect you cable from your P.C into your new phone, and a patch cable from the phone to your computer.
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    What type of internet connection do we need? We want to insure our phones calls are high quality

    There are several options available for connection back to the data center.  For a fully managed solution, a MPLS circuit would be installed in your office and connect up to our data center.  This type of circuit has an SLA agreement, and is fully managed 24/7.  You can also use a dedicated internet connection for your Uvoice™ handsets, and route directly to the data center.  We will review available options, and recommend the right solution for your business..
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    What happens if we lose power or our internet connection? Do we lose all of our incoming calls?

    No!!!.  With Uvoice™, your phone server is located in our data center, and if your power or internet is down, your calls will be answered by the Uvoice™ phone server and be transferred  to your Reach mobile app, or calls can be rerouted to a cell phone or another location.  We can discuss all the different options so that you never lose a call…