Have Questions?  We Have Answers!

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    I would like to use my Uvoice™ phone at home, how does it connect to my home internet?

    At your office, we have installed the phone on your local network with POE. At home, you will need a power supply and connect your Uvoice™ phone to your home router.  Once you power up the phone, the phone will connect to your Uvoice™ server.
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    I downloaded the Reach at on my Apple iPhone and it connects to the Uvoice server but callers can't hear me when I talk?

    Go to your settings on your iPhone, select privacy, select microphone, and select Reach to turn on microphone. This will now allow callers to hear your through the microphone on your iPhone.
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    Do I need special equipment or a router to make this work?

    No additional telephone lines, PBX hardware or installation is needed. Uvoice will work with any high-speed, stable internet connects and requires a minimum of 64kbps of bandwidth per call. You need a router that will make the internet connection available to your phones/devices.  There are some routers that do not work well with voice and our team will make sure you have the right router in place before we install the handset.

    For best voice quality, we recommend a router that is QoS (Quality of Service) enabled. By configuring your QoS router to prioritize the voice traffic over other internet traffic, you’ll experience better voice quality when your internet is being used for other activities (e.g. downloading large files, watching online videos, etc.

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    What is the actual phone service and what happens to my current phone numbers?

    We offer several options for the phone service which are all SIP based services.  We will review your current phone bill and propose the best solution for your business. Since we don’t lock you into a service contract, as new pricing plans are available, we can take advantage of industry competition. You will always be able to keep you numbers, and even simply add numbers for other cities or other states at a very low cost.
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    We have had some personnel changes, how can I update my label on my handset?

    Go to our support link and choose documents for Uvoice™.  Choose the the label for your handset, and download.  Open the word document and modify, print and insert in your Uvoice™ handset.
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    Can my Uvoice™ phone ring at my desk, my reach app, my home phone, and my beach house at the same time? I don't want to ever miss a call!

    Yes!!!  With the flexibility of your Uvoice™ phone system, we can ring as many devices you need, so you don’t miss that important phone call ever..