What is Uvoice™?

Unified Communications Group, with over 25 years of telecom experience, developed Uvoice™ in 2010.  VOIP phone systems and hosted solutions were coming to market, but failing to deliver on promises to provide a reliable solution, reduce overall telecom costs, and provide local 24/7 support.

Uvoice™ has installed over 2,500 systems throughout the USA and overseas in for business’s such as Attorneys, Real Estate offices, Financial Advisors, Auto Dealerships, Doctors, and many more… Our unique approach on focusing on (ROI) return on investment, local certified technicians to install your Uvoice™ system, and full 24/7 support, gives your business the competitive edge.  Our 25 years of experience in implementing installations, training and support sets us apart from the competition.

Many competitors offering advanced VoIP solutions lack the in-depth knowledge to certify your local network for VoIP, program VLAN’s & routers.  This lack of knowledge is where VoIP installations will fail to deliver.  Our approach is simple, we assess your needs, and customize a solution with each employee in mind.  We do not cookie cutter our installations, and this sets us apart from all other competitors.

Call us for a free onsite demonstration on how the Uvoice™ cloud phone system is the right choice for your business.